Christoph Pronegg

Album: Hoffnung / ChrisARTS 2023

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[Karina] … With its dynamic production, beautiful composition, and uplifting energy, it’s a must-listen for anyone who loves music that’s both engaging and emotionally resonant. This track is a true masterpiece that’s sure to captivate listeners for years to come. …
[Ashley] This is a truly beautiful piano piece, that starts off delicate and then really soars. The strings are a wonderful addition that adds a contemplative layer to the song.
[Matias] Very impressive song because it’s super fragile, yet it feels so complete! Very moving and relaxing! Love it!
[S.] Loved the instrumental! it sounds super interesting and magic. It has a good structure, good variations over time which makes you never get bored. The piano is beautiful with a catchy and elegant melodies.
[Dominique] Hello, thank you so much for submitting this great song! I really enjoyed listening to it and was particularly impressed by the piano playing. It’s clear that a lot of talent and skill went into the creation of this piece. Thank you again for sharing your talent with me!
[Rutger] Dear Christoph Pronegg, I recently had the pleasure of listening to your latest piano track, and I was genuinely moved by the beauty and grace of your composition. The captivating melody and the emotions conveyed through your music created a truly memorable listening experience. I am excited to let you know that I have decided to add your lovely piano piece to my playlist. I believe your incredible talent and the enchanting quality of your music will resonate with many listeners, and I am eager to share your work with them. …
[Jimmy] Very beautiful piano play, love the tempo as well, it is giving relaxing vibes

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Glacer FM: Auf Platz 46 unter den Top 50 Charts vom 24.4. bis 1.5.2023

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Spotify: + 11.000 Streams